A “banana” word is formed by an arbitrary number of modules [consonant + vowel].
E.g. positive, favorite, generate, manage.

A “banana” could be a non-existent word also. It has the feature of being easily pronounced and remembered.
E.g. fitope, vetoluzo, catipule, miteropa.

A “banana” word can be generated randomly, or encoded starting from a number like a standard base encoding.

The BaseBanana library provides functions to encode numbers into “banana” words, decode a “banana” word to number, or generate random “banana” words.

Abstracting the BaseBanana, it’s a base encoding that uses a list of alphabets instead of a single one.
The standard alphabet is “bcdfglmnprstvz, aeiou” (only italian alphabet letters, excluding q and h that have special grammar rules) but can be easily customized.